Thankful for: DISC

Monday, November 21, 2022
It’s the Holiday season and Thanksgiving is just around the corner, along with the traditional family get-together you so lovingly look forward to this time of year. (You DO right?)
A chance to see family members up close and personal and create those memories you’ll cherish throughout the years.–
REALLY? Remember through the years YES, but cherish? Not so fast.
You’ve always gone because it means so much to Mom, but what if you could do something to make it feel like you were GETTING to be with your family for Thanksgiving instead of HAVING to get together with them?
Businesses are not the only ones that benefit from truly KNOWING the people they work with. In fact, the better we know each other (personally & professionally) the better chance we have to really enjoy the time we spend together. Let’s take a look at a typical family gathering WITHOUT the benefit of knowing how our family members are wired.
As you reflect on the past, think about the year it was at your house. You had everything planned to a tee (in early July). You could visualize it – perfection – at least as perfect as possible. The day of the event your brother Chris showed up early to “help.” The more he helped the more he changed and the two of you (both High Cs) ended up arguing over whose preparation, decoration and implementation was “correct.”
Pushing that memory aside, you reflect on your sweet sister Suzie – always willing to help with whatever you ask her to do. She’s about at selfless as you can get. When she arrived you asked if you could get her something to drink – she said yes. You asked what she wanted and she said whatever you have – you named off about six things and Suzie said, “I don’t care – you decide.” After several attempts to get Suzie to make a decision, you finally gave her some punch and walked away. (Suzie is a High S) – mixed with your untampered High C you remember being a bit frustrated with Suzie.
As you dug deeper into your memories, you recalled your Father. There he was in all his glory outside taking the turkey out of the fryer. It was READY! It was a beautiful bird and you could see Dad’s pride in preparing such an exquisite feast. “Let’s eat!” he said, but there were still last-minute preparations of other things going on and you could sense the irritation on Dad’s face as his bird was getting colder because others hadn’t timed things right. He was ready to EAT! NOW! (Dad’s a High D)
Dinner that year was full of tales, laughter and love (with a few little disagreements sprinkled in for posterity). With dinner over, Suzie went into work mode trying to do all the clean-up as Chris told her she was loading the dishwasher incorrectly. Dad was getting frustrated because he couldn’t hear the football game, and you were making sure the dishes coming out of the dishwasher were put away in the right spot.
Then it happened. Aunt Irene turned off Dad’s TV and announced “Come into the family room everyone; we’re going to play a game!”. There she stands with her stopwatch, little bucket of papers, a notepad, pencil and that big “I’m excited over everything” smile on her face. “It's Charades!" she yells. (Aunt Irene is a High I). You remember just wanting to RELAX! But knowing Aunt Irene wasn't going to take no for an answer you sighed and begrudgingly participated.
You remember so clearly that Suzie headed for a corner so as not to be noticed – the spotlight is NOT her favorite place and she hates this game! Dad (although irritated that Irene turned off the TV) grabs the bucket, notepad and pencil and says, "I'm the timekeeper and scorekeeper!" You and your brother Chris looked up Charades on the internet to ensure you all followed the rules and played correctly. (There were differing rules on the internet so you had to "discuss" those rules a bit loudly before finally coming to a compromise after holding up the game for over 10 minutes)
The day came to an end with hugs all around and you remember thinking after the last person left, "Can't we have just ONE get-together without the chaos!"
Before heading into another conflict-filled holiday gathering, why not try a tool that can truly help you HONOR the differences of your family members instead of increasing the frustration?
The DISC Model of Human Behavior is a simple assessment that helps us identify how we are wired and what our strengths are. Why not GIFT this assessment to every team member and really dig into what makes each of you tick? We have seen it transform workplace cultures and transform relationships!
This year will be much different. You've gone through the DISC program and gained a better understanding of yourself, your family members, and why people respond the way they respond.
Knowing Chris is hard-wired to want to be correct, just like you, you'll give him some grace and play more to the CARING side of your C than the CRITICAL side and embrace his COMPETENCY.
Dad, well he's DAD but knowing he's a DOER and DIRECT and wants things when HE wants them, you'll help make sure everything is ready when he brings in that turkey so Dad can shine like the star he is!
With Suzie's S wiring, you know she tends to be a bit SHY but is SWEET and SUPPORTIVE to a fault. You'll be sure to suggest she sits down now and then and embrace the opportunity to share a favorite drink with her when she seems indecisive.
Aunt Irene, with her INTERACTIVE personality and wanting to be INVOLVED in the success of the get-together will surely bring a game or two to the party. Because you know it brings her pleasure to interact with everyone, you're actually looking forward to a little "game time" after dinner.
And YOU, you'll embrace the softer side of your personality type by embracing your family members' strengths and appreciating their incredible gifts.
GET to see your family this Thanksgiving with a new perspective. By understanding the different personality traits and how we are all wired, we can be flexible and more understanding with those around us and truly enjoy making those cherished memories.

The DISC Model of Human Behavior is a game-changer! CLICK HERE to grab assessments for your family or feel free to contact our team if you would like to have a more formal walk through DISC.
Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving this year!

Cheri Perry 11/21/2022