Technically Challenged

Monday, April 2, 2012

How are you with technology?  For most of us, technology is something that resides peacefully in the background of our lives until one day- IT BREAKS!


Last week, we experienced one of THOSE days!!  It started with the Internet slowing to dial up speeds (the nerve!) and then our phone system began to receive mysterious calls- we would answer and no one would be on the other end of the line until the big 'event' occurred and then..........there was silence.  Now normally, silence can be a good thing but when that silence means that no customers are calling and all of the work stations in your company are limping along without the use of a telephone- silence is certainly NOT golden!


Way back before the internet, high speed connections and fully integrated phone systems, I think people still worked! 


I am not sure exactly what they did, but things must have been able to be completed somehow.  On our "special day", the day without phones & internet, we made a few discoveries that might help make sense of those times when technology fails us:

#1- Sometimes Technology BREAKS!!  breaks

Then we just have to make due with what we have!  This is when notes and that wonderful on board computer (our brain) come in handy!  We are not as lost as we sometimes allow ourselves to believe we are.

#2-  Great Teams Find a Way   greatteam 

Even without the things we consider 'mission critical', we can do amazing things with the help of a great support team. 

#3-  This Too Shall Pass  this-too-shall-pass-button

Nothing lasts forever, troubles do work themselves out and....the Phones will undoubtedly ring again!


Spending a day without phones is not easy in our line of work- (anyone's line of work I imagine) but we made it through!  We figured out a way to work and to be of service.  We figured out how to work together without all of our tools and.......we figured out what to do when we are technically challenged!!


If this strange set of circumstances should ever happen to you- perhaps you will remember our day and the lessons we learned.  Technology enables us to do so many great thing but our technology free afternoon.......turned out AOK!!


Sir Smiley OUT!



Sir Smiley 4/2/2012

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