Taking the Next Step

Monday, June 9, 2014


Over the weekend, my son graduated from High School - it was a whirlwind of activities and emotions!  Tyler's 'Next Step' is college and developing his plans for a bright future.  It has been some time since many of us graduated but I think the concept of considering our 'Next Step' is one that we can embrace at any time!

Enjoy the Accomplishment

Whether we are graduating from school, finishing up a business task or closing a chapter in our life, we really need to take the time to recognize and enjoy our accomplishments.  So many times we achieve something and just go right to the next thing without taking the time to appreciate and cherish the moment.  Taking the necessary time to reflect and actually enjoy the things we do, can really make a positive difference and help us to both identify and take the 'Next Step'.

Consider Your Why

Once you have patted yourself on the back, it's time to develop a game plan for your 'Next Step'.  One of the best ways to make sure your next goal or action is a great one is to make sure it is in alignment with your WHY.  When we move from task to task without really asking why, we can find ourselves traveling down roads we never intended.  What things make you happy, add excitement or cause your heart to skip a beat?  Those are the places you will tend to find your passion and those are the best places to look for your 'Next Step'.

Don't Forget Your Team

They say a journey begins with a single step and that makes sense!  It also makes sense to have a strong group of supporters and advisors around you to help you on your way.  In business, that might be a business mentor, a great library of business building tools and some fellow business owners to bounce ideas off of.  Personally, it might mean your best friend, a pastor, your parents and lots of great resources to turn to when you have questions.  Having a solid team really helps to make each and every 'Next Step' not only achievable but also very rewarding!

My 'Next Step'  personally is helping to prepare my young son for a move to college and learning how to let go of this amazing chapter of parenting a child.  I am thorougly enjoying the memories of birth through high school and I stand in awe of the young man Tyler has become. As you consider your 'Next Step' whether in business or personally, I wish you all of the excitement and joy that you can find. And for you Mommies out there- enjoy this 'Next Step' of watching those beautiful babies soar off to their futures!

Cheri Perry 6/9/2014

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