Take Out The Trash!

Monday, October 14, 2013


Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to learn a few lessons while doing one of the most basic of things- TAKING OUT THE TRASH! It happened innocently enough, the garbage had piled up and it was glaringly apparent that the time to empty the trash container was upon me! The guys were out of town so the task fell to yours truly; here is what I learned:

Garbage Is a Natural By Product: We all produce some type of garbage! Whether we are tossing away used containers or emptying our minds of old or outdated information, we humans naturally produce garbage. It does not matter what stage of life we are in- we are constantly accumulating and then shedding the excess (garbage) in our lives. Many times we make a mess of things and it feels like we are surrounded by barriers- that's 'life garbage'!

Garbage Clogs the Path: Just like an overflowing trash receptacle, the junk or garbage in our life or mind, tends to clog the path to bigger and better things. If we do not take the time to empty the trash can- it overflows. If we do not take the time to clear our personal clutter then our personal garbage can prevent us from moving along on our life's journey.

Garbage Stinks: No matter how you package it, the truth is that garbage STINKS! I bought these wonderfully scented garbage bags and they smelled great- until I loaded them up with garbage. Even if we put on a great attitude, a fantastic hairdo or a smashnig outfit, we cannot mask the smell of any personal garbage we have going on in our lives long term, because no matter how you package it, the stench of garbage lingers.

Garbage Removal Clears the Path: Nothing feels (or smells) better than a clean space. Whether that is the garbage in your home, the trash at your work or the clutter in your mind; having a clean space, free of debris can set you free to pursue the desires of your heart. Taking out the trash makes room for new and fresh opportunities,

I also realized that while I can have my son or my husband empty the trash receptacle in our home, taking out my personal garbage is totally up to me. Identifying the areas that need a little renovation is a task that only I can complete.

As the week progresses, won't you join me and consider TAKING OUT YOUR GARBAGE? It is so much easier to clear the refuse when you remember that:

  • Accumulating garbage (physical or mental) is a natural part of life.
  • Garbage and the excess stuff we do not need clogs our path.
  • No matter how you try to mask the scent garbage STINKS!
  • Clearing the cluttter and the garbage from our lives frees us to find our way

Cheri Perry 10/14/2013

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