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Monday, October 31, 2011

My favorite airline is Southwest!  In addition to Excellent service, affordable airfare and a majority of staff members who LOVE their job, they also provide literary favors for those of us who love to read!  Of course I am talking about the SkyMall & Spirit magazines.

In the October edition of the Spirit magazine, they published the following information about Stolen Credit Cards:

Stolen credit card numbers sell online for as little as 7 cents each.  It's one crime that does pay, unfortunately.  Criminals looking to buy and sell personal information lurk in "underground economy servers"- essentially giant e-flea markets full of stolen data.  According to the April 2011 report by security software provider Symantec, thieves often buy and sell credit card numbers in bulk, driving down the cost.  And it's easier than ever for them to nap them.  So how do you protect yourself?  "Think before you click," says John Harrison, a security response manager for Symantec.  "Be vigilant about [infected] URLs in emails, instant messages and social media programs, even from trusted sources and friends."


With 52.8 BILLION dollars/yr in credit card fraud, it is easy to see why protecting your personal information is so very important.  Here are a few tips from your team here at TMC-

  • Use a single card on the internet- one with a limit
  • Look for a security symbol whenever shopping online
  • Decline offers to keep your information 'on file'
  • Keep a record of all credit card purchases
  • Review and reconcile your credit card statement(s) each month
  • Take immediate action if there are unrecognized charges on your card(s)

Credit cards are convenient and they allow us to do so many things more conveniently- like traveling on a great airline!!  Just make sure you are taking the necessary steps to protect your data from theft!  Oh yes- and for those of you familiar with the SkyMall magazine- be careful not too spend to much while you are traveling! 

Cheri Perry 10/31/2011

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