Smiling Is Contagious

Friday, October 7, 2011

Cool  I hate to brag- but today is a celebration of ME!!



At TMC, we like to spread happiness by adding a Smiley Face Sticker to every package and envelope that leaves our office.  We even have the UPS Guy and the Postal staff asking- Where is the Smiley Face? (Gotta Love It!!)

Things you can do today:

  • Change your FaceBook Picture to a Smiley Face
  • Wear a BIG Smiley Face on your Clothing
  • Give everyone you meet a smile
  • Drink your beverages out of a happy face mug (You'll Find it @ Fred Meyers!)
  • Decorate your workspace
  • Send Flowers


Enjoy this Poem called SMILING IS CONTAGIOUS and enjoy this day devoted to yours truly and to sharing smiles all around the world!


Sir Smiley- OUT Laughing

Sir Smiley 10/7/2011

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