Smart Phones and Tablets and Dongles: OH MY!

Monday, August 15, 2016



Technology can be so confusing!  

Smart Phones and Tablets and Dongles OH MY!  

Here is a list of some of the most popular tools that help us accept plastic as a form of payment!

Traditional Terminals:  Terminals come in all shapes and sizes and have the ability to work with old fashioned analog phone lines or high speed connections.  Newer models can accept chipped (EMV) credit cards and many have the ability to work in conjunction with NFC (Near Field Communications) technology (think ApplePay). Transactions can be swiped or key entered.

Wireless Terminals:  Wireless terminals also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They do not need to be attached to a phone line in order to process cards and they have the ability to issue receipts at the time of the transaction.  Merchants who choose not to use web enabled mobile devices and merchants who just prefer a physical signature, benefit most by using wireless terminals.

Dongles: OK- so you may know these little attachments by a variety of names: PhoneSwipe, PayWare, Square (the list goes on and on).  This exciting game changer made processing 'on the go' a reality for lots of businesses.  There are many pricing models but the technology and the way dongles work, is pretty similar:  fill out basic information to gain processor information (usually delivered via email), upload an application on your web enabled device, enter processor information, plug in the dongle and START CHARGING.

Tablets: This device is a high tech game changer (think iPad)!  With the ability to act as a terminal and/or a mobile device; this is a strong option for a variety of businesses.  Some of the EMV and NFC moving parts are still being worked out but this is certainly the way of the future for card acceptance.

Laptops:  Technology has made the laptop computer such an incredible tool!  Smaller sizes, lighter weight options and all kinds of features make accepting credit cards using your computer EASY!   By accessing an online 'Virtual Terminal' and using a USB card reader (or simply key entering card data), your laptop can help you keep the cash flowing.

With so many options, it helps to have a trusted advisor to guide you through the technology!  Visit our web site (Click Here) for a great tool to clear the confusion in the industry or give our team a call!  1-888-249-9919

Cheri Perry 8/15/2016

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