Sunday, August 29, 2010

As businesses, we are paying TONS for credit card fraud prevention!  We need to remember that there are simple things we can do to prevent the improper use of credit cards, thereby reducing some of that darn credit card fraud!  I was reminded of this recently when I watched a customer get upset after being asked for ID (even though the back of their card said SEE ID Surprised).  This past weekend, I saw a 'Better Signed Than Sorry' flyer at a local store (call our office if you would like to have one of these flyers!).  This reminded me that fraud prevention starts with the basics! The back of a credit card needs to be signed in order to be considered a valid credit card!  Personally, make sure your cards are signed!  As a business owner- make sure your team is checking to make sure the cards you accept are signed.  When you run across cards that are not signed- assure your customers that you care about them and want to make sure it is their credit card you are accepting for payment! 

When we take the basic steps as consumers and as business owners to prevent credit card fraud we send a powerful message: 

Credit Card Fraud Will Not Be Tolerated Here!!


Cheri Perry 8/29/2010

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