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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A funny- lighthearted story about the little things that make a big difference!

As I so often do these days, I took a lunch order from my lovely partner Christie "Have it your  way" Tadday. I drove down to *Big Burger Barn and placed my order. As I pulled up to the window, the young gentleman that greeted me took my money, and asked me "would you like some ketchup or salt for the fries?"

A nice gesture, and one that is most-likely required by upper management. I listened to his offer, and countered with, "actually can I get a couple things of Ranch?"

He quickly informed me that in order to get 2 sides of Ranch it would be an additional $.22 each (per item fee?/LOL)

I said, "Oh, well if I have to pay for it, nevermind then."

Not to leave without some form of satisfaction, (because that's just how I am…) I said tactfully, "Not to be difficult about this, BUT, I just paid $13.00 for food at your restaurant and I can't get a couple of sides of Ranch?"

His response was, "Hey Man! I have a boss too Man!" and he went to get my food. I sat there puzzled and thought, in my business (TMC), we go the extra-mile to keep the customer happy.

Being a lover of Ranch, I broke down and spent the last $.22 that I will ever spend at that burger joint and just before I pulled away, I glanced up at the well-dressed young man that had helped me, and on his lapel sat the Golden name badge saying MANAGER!! 

Service may not be readily available these days (and you may have to pay for the Ranch Dressing) but you will always find GREAT SERVICE here at TMC!

*Names Changed to Protect the Guilty

Sir Smiley 8/17/2010

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