Seattle Seahawks & Championship Teams

Monday, September 16, 2013


Congratulations to our Seattle Seahawks!!  It was a great game against our Division rivals!  As I was watching the game, I realized that BOTH teams are filled with amazing athletes.  BOTH teams have great coaches and BOTH teams planned to win so what was the difference?  In business, just like a great football team, there are elements that make the difference between winning and losing.  Here are a few things to consider between now and YOUR next big game!!


  • PURSUE a worthy goal!  When you have a written goal and that goal lights you up- you will find a way to make things happen.  You will break the goals down and get busy achieving them!  It will seem as if people come out of the woodwork to help you, obstacles will be obliterated and your creative nature will step up to assist you.  Guess what else? Your team- those who you work with or those close to you and familiar with your goal will most likely act as your back up- especially if you have...
  • PASSION! Be PASSIONATE about your team and your cause!  There is nothing more powerful than a team of totally committed and passionate people!  They seem unstoppable even a little magical!  The truth is that PASSION ignites the spirits and souls of those who have it AND those around the passion!  When our goals or dreams are tough, we will need that passion and we will need to...
  • PRACTICE!  No matter how great you are at your chosen profession or your chosen sport- you simply MUST continue practicing to get better so you can meet and exceed your goals!  Can you imagine Russell Wilson saying "Hey- I am a great quarterback so I am just going to take the week off." OF COURSE NOT.  Even the best of the best need consistent practice to stay at the top of their game.


To be a part of a Championship Team, make sure you are PURSUING a worthy goal- one that really takes your breath away!  Make sure that you share that goal with those who believe in your future so they can support your efforts.  You will know it is the right goal when you feel that burning PASSION inside.  Not a day goes by without you thinking of different ways to make it happen and when you talk about your goal, people are often inspired by your enthusiasm!  Then go to work and get some PRACTICE!  Every worthy goal is going to require hard work and lots of practice! 

Congrats to the Seattle Seahawks for putting it all  together this evening against the San Francisco 49ers.  Thank you for showing your fans what it takes to have a championship team!




Cheri Perry 9/16/2013

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