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Monday, January 27, 2020
All businesses come with their share of unique challenges and problems!  (That's the bad news!)  The good news? You have readily available resources for finding the answers to most of them!  You have PROBLEM-SOLVING POWER on your team.

Many times, we think we have to 'go it alone'.  We have certain responsibilities accompanied by an ever-present list of challenges and solving each one of them has always been looked at as the job of the OWNER.  Well, I have some news- some great news actually!

BUSINESS OWNERS DON'T NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING:   The days of having to know it all are gone. Today's work environment thrives when everyone is part of creating it.  Instead of being buried by the burdens of business, owners and managers can now comfortably count on the various talents and skills of their team. 

THERE IS POWER ALL AROUND:  By accessing the cumulative knowledge of the people we work with, we give ourselves and our businesses a chance to grow beyond our personal capabilities!  So WHO is part of our team?
  • Coworkers:  Every member of our work team from the janitor to the sales team has a unique view of how we do what we do every day.  Pulling this internal team together and presenting them with any challenges, will certainly yield numerous ideas on their resolutions and various ways to provide better products or services.
  • Clients:  Our customers experience us first hand.  In the past, this valuable member of our work team was often ignored when it came to solving any problems.  But who better to tell you what they like, what they dislike and how you can improve your offering than the people who support your business?  Surprisingly, some of your very best ideas will come from the clients who elect to go elsewhere for whatever reason; your job?  Find out the reason!  Consider surveys for existing and past clients and dig for some of that valuable feedback 'gold'.
  • Vendors: When we take the time to ASK for feedback, we get it!  Asking your vendors for any insights or advice related specifically to the products & or services you get from them, could end up providing your team with some great information to increase your level of service.  Imagine how amazing your vendors will feel when they know you value their opinion!
  • Competitors:  This may seem like an odd place to look for answers but many a wise man (or woman) before you have gleaned valuable and often time-saving information from their competitors.  Industry trade papers, events, and articles can be instrumental in sharpening your competitive advantage and overcoming challenges.
  • Friends & Family:  Last but not least, your friends and family will always be there for you and if we ask- they too can provide another point of view as we look to solve the various business challenges that come our way!
1 + 1 = 3:  I do not understand the 'funny math' they are teaching our kids in school today, but I understand the POWER of a team and the 1 + 1 = 3 concept!  When we let go of the MYTH that we alone should solve all of our business challenges and we harness the PROBLEM-SOLVING POWER of those who make up our team:  we set our businesses, our team and ourselves up for SUCCESS!
Cheri Perry 1/27/2020

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