One Size Does Not Fit All

Monday, July 22, 2019


I remember the first time I caught Tyler wearing his Dad's shoes- what a sweet moment.  Little did I know that time would fly by and pretty soon that sweet child would be wearing shoes even larger than his Dad's size 12's!

No- one size does not fit all and while that precious childhood memory is a great reminder of that fact, the improper fit for any business solution does not yield the same cheerful results.  In fact, choosing a business solution that does not fit your business specifically, can have damaging results.  Let's see what happens in the credit card processing industry, if the wrong solution is selected:

TOO BIG:  There are lots of robust processing solutions that can run many parts of your business and if you need them- they are amazing tools!  If you don't, you can risk complicating a fairly simple process.  Your team can endure needless frustration and worst of all, your clients could end up having a poor experience and that would not lead to more business!

TOO SMALL:  On the other hand, if your business could benefit from the multiple tools associated with a robust processing solution, not having it can wreak havoc on your bottom line.  Employee management, inventory control & credit card processing- for example- could really streamline your business and deliver the kind of service that keeps your clients coming back for more.

TOO EXPENSIVE:  Since the bottom line of every business decision is important, the expense of your processing solution needs to be considered. Do all of the features and benefits warrant a bigger expenditure?  Will your business be any better off once the investment is made?  Spend too much and it takes too long to recoup the investment! 

TOO CHEAP:  On the other hand, taking a fiscal shortcut can also have negative repercussions on your bottom line!  Be careful not to 'step over dollars to save a dime'.  Would investing more money into your processing solution make the payment process so much easier that your team and your customers enjoy the process better?  Sometimes the lowest price is not the best solution!

WRONG COMPANY:  Which brings us to a 'One Size Does Not Fit All' topic that is a deal-breaker!  Select the WRONG credit card processing company and you earn some of the pitfalls in the merchant services industry:

  • Hidden Fees
  • Lackluster  or NO Service
  • Questionable Ethics
  • Increased Frustration

THE RIGHT COMPANY:  On the other hand, selecting the RIGHT COMPANY helps you bypass the Ugly Truths of the processing industry!  Not only does the right company help you pick the right solution for your company (not too big and not too small), but they will also guide you into selecting the solution with the right investment for your company (not too expensive and not to cheap).  The right company will have all of the things that EVERY business needs in a business partner:

      checkmarkredFull Disclosure of Rates/Fees

      checkmarkredExceptional Service

      checkmarkredIntegrity Based Selling

      checkmarkredReduced Frustration

Our kids can try on our shoes and even though they don't fit, we get a chuckle at the sight of those little feet in our adult-sized shoes!  In business, however, it is imperative that the business solutions we pick are the right size for our business. 

Not too big ~ Not too small

Not too expensive ~ Not too cheap 

The right business partner will help you select the right solutions!  Give our team, your 'RIGHT PARTNER', a call!  1-888-249-9919

Cheri Perry 7/22/2019

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