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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cool  Sir Smiley here and Guess What?  We just upgraded our phone system! As our business grows and we are privileged to serve more and
more merchants, finding ways to be more efficient is at the top of our priority list! 

Don't worry- no call Ques or extensive 'Press#...' options at TMC!  Just a solid, robust phone system designed to make accepting your calls and calling you even easier!  Here are just a few of the features we are excited about:


#1-  Since the new phone system is integrated with our contact management software, we will be able to go directly to your record when you call from any of the numbers we have on file!


#2-  Likewise, when we are in your record we can easily click a button and dial you without having to key enter the number on the dial pad.


#3-  Setting follow ups is now more automatic so we can be even more efficient in making our follow up (and might I add LEGENDARY) service calls.


#4-  We can now train more efficiently to insure that the needs of our referral partners and merchants is held to the very high standards set in place by our founders.


In other words- WE ARE GETTING EVEN BETTER!  Stay tuned for great tips, fun stories and great industry information on our TMC Blog.

Sir Smiley- OUT  Cool 

Sir Smiley 10/7/2010

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