More Than Meets the Eye!

Monday, January 27, 2014


This past weekend, our entire team gathered together to review the past year and set our sites on an incredible 2014! The theme for this year's meeting was Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye


 /?trænsf?r'me???n/ [trans-fer-mey-shuhn] noun

1. the act or process of transforming.
2. the state of being transformed.
3. change in form, appearance, nature, or character.
4. Theater . a seemingly miraculous change in the appearance of scenery or actors in view of the audience.
Each new year brings an opportunity to assess the past, ponder the future and perform in the present! As our team embarks on our transformational year, we are working on the following 3 points and encouraging others to do the same:
  • Transforming Internal Relationships & Communication
    When we are at our best in any organization, our internal family (our coworkers ) develops an amazing ability to work day in and day out, producing amazing results. It does pay, however, to pay attention to and be in the constant state of refining our interactions. Even the best of teams engage in activities designed to increase performance- that is what keeps them great! In the 2014, we will be working on having more fun, continuing to keep our promises and finding ways to take our game up a notch!
  • Transforming Relationships With Our Customers
    Customers are the lifeblood of every organization so the relationships we cultivate are important. In our world, businesses have millions of credit card processing companies to choose from and just like any hypercompetitive industry- it can be difficult to develop meaningful relationships. In 2014, we are continuing our focus on building the kinds of realtionships that are a WIN/WIN. We will be looking for new and innovative ways to increase our value to those we serve- so they know there is 'more to us than meets the eye'! More than just a credit card processor!
  • Transforming Relationships With Our Referral Partners
    In a referral based business (which ALL businesses should be), the value we provide to our partners is what keeps the partnerships flourishing. When we consider the nature of business, we often find people and businesses who are willing to step on a few toes to reach their next goal. Truly successful partnerships are not based on the 'do whatever it takes mentality' but rather the 'how can I add more value' mentality. This year, we are continuing the process of strenthening and cementing our partnerships with trust and contribution.
Look forward to exciting news that will further our endeavor to be MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE as your Credit Card Processor! It's going to be a GREAT 2014.
Cheri Perry 1/27/2014

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