Merry Christmas

Monday, December 21, 2020
Christmas has always been a special time so it is surprising to hear that some people make such an issue over wishing people aMerry Christmas’. I've even heard of people who said they were 'canceling' Christmas because of financial reasons. Recently, the news reported a story where many people were going to celebrate Christmas AFTER the prices come down, AFTER Christmas.
Personally, I do not believe you can actually cancel or postpone Christmas. There have been plenty of years when we had to consider fewer gifts or handmade items instead of spending tons of money on presents. When I look back, those Christmas celebrations stand out- they were even more special than the others because we focused on the real meaning of Christmas rather than the commercialized gift-giving version we have all become accustomed to.
2020 has been a year of MASSIVE change and even more reflection. What is important to us today seems much different than what was capturing our attention a year ago. Things like Freedom, Social Events, Face to Face contact, and Hugs are the gifts I would love to find under the tree! Relationships and truly caring about our neighbors- regardless of their differences have taken on a more urgent tone. I hope that this Christmas, no matter how you celebrate, ushers in a New Year filled with the things we all need more of:
• More Love
• More Kindness
• More Acceptance and
• More Joy!
Have a WONDERFUL Christmas celebration no matter how you gather with your friends and family!
Cheri Perry 12/21/2020

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