Little Things Make a BIG Difference!

Monday, August 26, 2019



We have all experienced that 'little extra' that made a BIG difference!  And while it is easy to see how those small measures impact our businesses, it is also very easy to overlook them while getting everything else done!

Here are a few 'Little Things' that make a BIG Difference in the Merchant Services Industry- it is our hope that you will assess your current relationship and REQUIRE that your merchant services provider deliver BIG TIME on the Little Things!

  • FULL DISCLOSURE:  Fee structures vary, depending upon the specific needs of each business.  Excellent merchant services providers are careful to outline every detail and help you determine which of the options is best for you.  Less than credible providers skim thru the pricing and rely on the prospect to ask the 'right' questions before they will provide the right answers.  Focusing on the little details can make a big difference for a business's bottom line.
  • LIVE ANSWER:  Having to make your way through a complex phone tree when calling your credit card processor is just plain frustrating.  The simple act of Live Answering inbound service related calls, is a HUGE little thing!  Processors know that merchants who call in typically need a quick answer or resolution to a challenge, so providing that Live Answer experience sends the message that each caller is important.
  • RAPID ATTENTION TO CHALLENGES: Not only is each caller important but finding a solution quickly is even more critical.  For many processors, there is a laid back thought process when it comes to dealing with things like deposit delays & disputes.  Adding that little extra of treating every situation with urgency makes a big difference- especially to merchants who need to get back to running their business.
  • PCI REMINDERS:  For businesses utilizing the benefits of traditional merchant accounts, PCI compliance and the required reporting is a big deal.  Receiving periodic PCI reminders is a little detail that can save merchants alot of money.  Some processors elect not to take this small step because Non Compliance Fees generate a boatload of revenue!  When a processor cares about your business, they work to help you avoid additional fees.
  • PEOPLE WHO CARE:  I saved CARING for the last little detail that makes a big difference.  Businesses are made up of people and the vendors who provide the needed services are made up of people.  However, it is SHOCKING how far most companies have moved away from those little touches that send the message of caring.  By REQUIRING a company to actually take good care of you, your business sends a powerful message that the little things they do- make a big difference to you! 

    People who Care:

    • Use your name
    • Sound like they are enjoying their job
    • Look for solutions
    • Identify solutions specific to your needs
    • Put you at ease
    • Take care of  you and your business
    • Deliver an Above & Beyond Experience

    When businesses pay attention to the little things that make a big difference, the experience is truly remarkable!  Why not make a list of the 'little things' that are specific to your business and then be the DIFFERENCE MAKER in your industry?

Cheri Perry 8/26/2019

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