Let's Go Mobile!

Monday, April 11, 2022

There are so many ways to process credit cards and it is important to understand what options are best suited for your business. Whether your business does delivery or curbside pick-up, mobile payment acceptance, online order ahead, and delivery we have mobile solutions available to help you go mobile. 

What is the best Mobile option for me?

  • Wireless Credit Card Machine- If you are processing an abundance of cards in a mobile environment, a mobile all-in-one terminal might be your best option.  Wireless terminals have the ability to process credit cards without using smartphones and tablets- many business owners like this option because it separates their handheld devices from their customers.
  • Laptop Computer-  This is a great option if you have wireless capability.  Online secure payment gateways have so many enhanced options.  You can process credit cards securely, capture important data, generate critical reports, and send out emailed receipts.  Laptops can be outfitted with card readers or transactions can be key entered. 
  • Tablet-  Tablets can be used with online gateways or with contactless card devices.  You may want to consider the expense of the tablet and whether you want your customers touching and holding your tablet.  There are some stands available that can make this a more sturdy option.
  • Smart Phone-  If you are a mobile merchant and would like to be paid in the field- using your smartphone can be a very viable option.  You can use your smartphone by itself in conjunction with an online payment gateway-eliminating the need for any extra devices.  You can also connect contactless card devices to your smartphone. 

What pricing structure is best for me & my business?

There are many variations of pricing structures for merchant services.  Just remember that EVERY SINGLE PROCESSOR is in the business to make money and no processor- no matter what the sales pitch, is going to lose money processing your transactions.  Here are the most common ways to price accounts:

  • Tiered Pricing:  you are typically given 3 or 4 tiers of pricing and all of the 300+ tiers of interchange pricing and directed towards the tiers.  Statements are easier to read with tiered pricing and it is a much easier pricing method to understand.  Businesses that process fewer or less volume in transactions will find this structure to be agreeable.
  • Bundled Pricing: you are typically given a certain percentage for processing.  The % is higher but it is appealing to think about not having additional fees.  The challenge with this type of pricing structure is that the % has to be high enough to cover the various interchange categories and that does not typically equate to the best pricing for merchants who process (or plan to process) in excess of $1000 per month.
  • Interchange Pricing:  this is the most complex type of pricing and (if done properly) can be the most beneficial to merchants who process a variety of cards and quite a bit of volume.  Statements can be confusing and if business owners do not watch them, it can be fairly easy to insert additional fees.

Mobile processing is a great processing solution and finding the best for you and your company is as easy as calling our team- we will help you sift through all of the offers and identify the best overall fit for your growing business!  It pays to work with a trusted, integrity-based company! Give our team a call @ 888-249-9919 and we can go over these solutions with you.

Cheri Perry 4/11/2022