Lessons From the Sea

Sunday, July 30, 2017

This past week I was able to spend a week in gorgeous Destin Florida. We attended a business workshop and enjoyed every minute. While we were busy learning about how to follow our dreams and create a powerful vision for our future, there were many takeaways that were worthy of sharing!

TAKE TIME TO REFUEL: As business owners, we are usually going 100 miles per hour most days per week, month and throughout the year. I’ve spoken to many business owners who do not remember their last vacation and who feel as if they have burned their candle at both ends. Taking some time, every 90 days, to disconnect from the business and spend some time reflecting and refueling can have such positive impacts on and in your business. A refreshed business owner is more able to handle the daily grind and they tend to see more opportunities than those who run themselves into the ground. Taking the time to refuel can be a lifesaver for the business owner and for their business.

TAKE MEMBERS OF YOUR TEAM WITH YOU: When you get away, try to work in opportunities to take team members with you. The time you spend traveling to and from the destination will give you an opportunity to get to know them outside of work. That additional connection time can help you understand what makes them tick and what motivates them. This information can prove vital when you are growing your business. Spending time with your team members in different environments also lets them get to know you better as well. When you connect better as a team, you work better and create magic in the workplace so travel together when you get the chance.

ENJOY THE STORMY DAYS: When you think of ‘Beach Time’ you might just think of those sunny days where the ocean looks so inviting and those are wonderful days indeed. But as I looked out at the ocean on one of the stormy days I realized that there is beauty in the storm- the same thing is true for our businesses. We get stronger when we face and overcome business struggles. While it may not be easy, looking for the beauty in the storm can help us get the most out of every situation.

IT GOES BY TOO FAST: We spend lots of time preparing for events and vacations (if we are lucky!). Then, before you know it, it is over and you are typing the weekly blog to share your experience! Just like so many things, the experiences we treasure tend to go by the fastest! Soak in every moment, eliminate any possible distractions and be hyper present for the events in your life. They will be over before you know it!

Business is BUSY and taking the time to disconnect can help you be that much better when you are working. Consider taking some time away with the various members of your team and getting to know them at a deeper level. We have so many things in common as human beings and this additional investment of time can help you gain a better connection. When you do encounter the tough or stormy days, enjoy them and remember there is always growth and beauty in the storm. Troubles are often over before you know it and so are all of the amazing adventures you encounter on life’s highway- take the time to truly enjoy every day, every experience and every opportunity!

Cheri Perry 7/30/2017

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