Lessons From a Time Zone

Monday, November 9, 2020
There are 6 time zones in the United States. On a recent trip to Montana, we drove from the Pacific Time Zone into the Mountain Time Zone. Not a big deal- nothing happened, no lights went off and there were no earth-shattering events to celebrate the move from one zone to another.
Normally the shift in time would mean just that and that alone- a shift in time. But on this trip, we were headed to see our Son Tyler; which made the time zone shift significantly in my eyes. I remember thinking- “today I am so thankful to wake up in your time zone Tyler”. And then I started thinking about the moments that make our lives so special; the little things that make the biggest of differences. Being closer to friends and family is certainly near the top of the happiness spectrum, especially since we all know that there are some ‘time zones’ we will never be able to visit!
Having amazing life experiences together, being able to make a positive difference in the world, or as Steve Jobs famously said- leaving a dent in the universe! In order to do any of these amazing things, we have to begin with awareness and recognize the seemingly insignificant moments in our lives- like crossing over a time zone line!
Ask yourself these questions:
  1. Are you spending time each day reviewing or recollecting how your day went, what milestones you crossed, or how your interaction with people made a difference?
  2. Have you considered the impact your thoughts and words are having on others and are you letting those around you know what they mean to you?
Many of us (including yours truly) have spent many years running from one task to the next and we miss the ‘time zone’ moments that are truly special. This fact becomes crystal clear when we lose a friend or loved one. Why? Because they move on to a time zone we cannot reach right away. Our tangible ability to share our thoughts & appreciations is gone in an instant. Our ability to pick up the phone or send a heartfelt letter is forever revoked. In many cases, we are left wondering if they knew how much they meant to us and what a difference they made in our lives.
There are 6 time zones in the United States and while the lines are invisible, there is something special about moving into the same time zone as those we cherish. Take a few moments today to connect or reconnect with your treasured relationships- visit their time zones while you still can and try to slow down just a bit to enjoy life’s most amazing lessons!
Who knew we could be moved by a time zone!!
Cheri Perry 11/9/2020

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