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Monday, November 14, 2011


While 'Keeping Your Business For The Life of Your Business' is a lofty goal- it is one that we work very diligently on here at TMC.  So when the unthinkable happens (a merchant decides to go elsewhere for services Frown), we always take the time to assess the situation to see if there are additional actions or steps we can take to prevent the loss of future merchants and to Leave the Door Open- so our ex Merchants can find their way home!

  • Knowledgeable & Friendly Staff:  Our staff has been specially trained to 'know their stuff' and to keep your end result in mind when handling any task or request.  In an industry that changes as rapidly as ours, that knowledge is immensely valuable.  Knowing you can trust the information and having it provided in a caring and thoughtful manner, certainly encourages merchants who might be lured away to return to our team.

  • Flexible Terms:  We have a Month to Month agreement here at TMC.  It is important to know why, especially when you consider that the average length of a contract in our industry is 3 years!  Providing a month to month agreement tells our merchants that we are working to earn their business consistently, that we are confident in our pricing & service and that we are willing to earn, rather than require your loyalty.  In order to provide this type of agreement, our processors require that our merchants give 30 days notice PRIOR to switching processing companies.  If the proper notice is not given- they do assess a fee.  We call it a preventable fee because providing 30 days written notice before switching processing companies eliminates any exit penalties.  It also creates a Win/Win situation- merchants give 30 days notice, we review any offers and either advise our merchant to proceed with their plans to move or we mention any concerns we notice during the analysis process AND we prevent any unnecessary fees.

  • Integrity:  With over 300 tiers of pricing, government intervention, mobile payments and little tiny processing devices- it is IMPERATIVE to be able to trust the information you are getting when considering a processing company or replacing one.  At TMC, our word is golden!  We would rather gain and keep your business with the truth versus tricking you into using or staying with our company with misleading or inaccurate information!
    The economics of business ownership are fairly simple:  get the best possible combination of pricing and service from suppliers & vendors, provide a a good value to your customers and if your customers should happen to leave you- let them go and welcome them back with a smile should they decide to return. 
    Leave the Door Open Smile


Cheri Perry 11/14/2011

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