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Monday, February 3, 2014


Our blog this week was going to be focused on sales but after watching the Superbowl, we decided to tweak the topic a bit.  Watching Coach Carroll talking about the win, I was struck by his focus and by the attitude he fosters and 'coaches' on his team and it reminded me of what our team has been focused on and how we are attacking the New Year.  Sales?  YES- when you are talking about taking care of a team and improving results you are speaking about sales as well as every other area of success! 

In order to create a winning team and a sales environment that really produces, we have to focus on a few things and, according to Coach Carroll, that focus needs to begin with the FULL PERSON.

Take Care of the Entire Person:  Sales ability is important but when we focus on the health of the individual in all areas of their lives, we are a party to helping strengthen the ENTIRE individual and that focus equates to better numbers on the sales board.  When we treat people like numbers, we are asking for mediocre and heartless results.  When we take the time to care about every area of our coworkers' lives, we have begun the process of developing a winning team. 

Identify Strengths & Passions:  Coach Carroll said that once he identifies the strengths of his team players, he then coaches them to their best performances.  He believes in them and holds them to high standards indivdually.  I found it fascinating that he said that EVERY member of the team must be of the same mindset.  He makes it his business to coach the kinds of actions and behaviors that lead to the team's overall goal.

Identifying the Team Goal:  All businesses (just like football teams) have different areas within the company so getting to the desired end result requires that everyone is heading for the same goal and in the same direction.  When this critical element is missing, you might end up with a star performer or two but the real magic of the team cannot be realized.  After we have addressed the full health of our team, we then focus on the core values and goals that speak to the team as a whole.  Just like momentum, having an entire team focused simulataneously on a single purpose creates power and energy!


Building a winning sales team is no small feat either but I think the lessons we learned from Coach Carroll and our Seattle Seahawks can really help us create the group of individuals that will be needed to achieve our business goals.

  • Take Care of the Entire Person
  • Identify Strengths & Passions
  • Identify the Team Goal


Winning a Superbowl is no small feat- this was Seattle's 1st Superbowl win since the franchise was started back in 1976.  Congratulations on the big win Seahawks and thank you Coach Carroll for the true example of leadership that leads to improved teams and improved results in all areas of our lives!

Our weekly Facebook posts this week will be centered around sales and the various elements that can help you strengthen this area in your business. Stay plugged in!

Cheri Perry 2/3/2014

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