How YOU Doin' ?

Monday, May 19, 2014



If you have ever watched Friends, you know that Joey loved to say How YOU Doin’?  On the sitcom, it was always a funny question with no real repercussions if the answer was not positive but in the every day life of small business owners across America, the question takes on a much more serious tone!

How ARE you ‘doin’?

  • Is your business performing the way you imagined?
  • Is your entrepreneurial plan working out as planned?
  • Do you still wake up each day EXCITED about the opportunity to live the American Dream by owning your own business?

Businesses tend to take on a life of their own and if we are not careful, they can turn into something entirely different than we anticipated.  The answer to Joey’s question soon becomes a complicated mix of explanations, exceptions and excuses.  That is why it is so critically important to take your business ‘inventory’ on a regular basis in the areas that mean the most to your success:


Recently, Dean and I spent an entire week taking inventory of our business and assessing ‘How we’ve been doin’?’.  We are pleased to report that Joey (and the rest of our friends) would be happy to hear that the report turned out pretty good.    Like most businesses, we found areas for improvement.  We are excited to put our action plan into place to continue our goal of constant improvement so our referral partners and merchants continue to receive the very best from our team.   But we are even more excited to share what we have learned with the companies we are blessed to serve.    

Over the course of the next several months, we will be sharing some invaluable information with you so that the next time someone asks you ‘How YOU doin?’, you can answer in the affirmative:  we are truly Living the Dream!

Cheri Perry 5/19/2014

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