How To Leverage Positive Feedback Online

Monday, September 26, 2011

I just read a great article on Positive Feedback and how to handle it effectively!!  I hope you enjoy the article!

How to Leverage Positive Feedback Online  

You just got the following message in your email in-box: "You guys are the best moving company I've ever dealt with. Everything went smoothly thanks to your hard work." What do you do? While many small businesses focus on handling negative online comments, far too few take the time to leverage positive feedback effectively. Here are six ways for you to do just that: 

Start by saying "thank you." If someone took the time to post something upbeat, don't forget to convey your gratitude. First, acknowledge the feedback publicly and directly. Accept the compliment gracefully. 

Share it. Praise is a wonderful commodity, but its impact becomes somewhat diminished the more it's kept under wraps. So, do everything you can to spread the word. For example, if a client praises the roofing job your company did on their home, make sure it's featured prominently on your website. Pass it along to partners, suppliers, and, in particular, employees. When you get a compliment on your company's products or services, make sure everyone involved-not just the bosses-gets to see it. Positive feedback from a customer is incredibly motivating. 

As far as soliciting more goes, play it by ear. If, when you thank someone for positive feedback they seem motivated to share more about their experience, gently encourage them to do that. That can prove useful for marketing purposes further down the line. But don't push too hard, or you may inadvertently alienate a fan. 

Don't try to be too perfect. Any small business that claims to be complaint-free is either dishonest or has never had a single customer. While playing up positive feedback, don't forget to illustrate how you address customers whose comments are less than glowing. For one thing, you have an opportunity to turn them into advocates. Prospective customers can be a bit skeptical about any company that claims to be flawless. A perfect, five-star rating can raise suspicions. 

Direct it accordingly. If you have great feedback in hand, get it in front of people who can best boost your business. Restaurants may post positive comments on Hotels may opt for Find a venue where prospective customers are most likely to see the praise of others. 

Privacy, above all. Make certain that a customer posting positive feedback is comfortable with their comment moving to another level. For instance, be sure to ask them if it's OK to use their comment in marketing and advertising material.

Positive online feedback is no place for undue modesty. Manage it, and make sure as many people as possible see it. That sort of word of mouth can be invaluable to the growth of your business.


Cheri Perry 9/26/2011

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