Monday, November 16, 2020

hanginthereMany times, we find ourselves in certain know; up a creek without a paddle, down to our last nickel and even up a tree-like our little friend here. How do some people manage to overcome the insurmountable odds to achieve their dreams while others seem to give up at the first whisper of a challenge? 'Hanging In There' is one of the necessary skills you will need to develop if you are to achieve your goals and dreams. Here are a few time-honored tips to get you and your business through that next struggle!


When the going gets tough, you've got to know WHY you are going through the difficult times. If you have a compelling list of whys, referring to them will help you muster the strength to make it to the next challenge. So many times, people focus on how, instead of putting together a list of the reasons, people, and rewards that will draw them to their goals and propel them to their futures. If you want to be able to Hang In There longer than most- line out your big reasons WHY your dream is so important to you!


With so many competitors and options in the marketplace, achieving your dream will require a strong WHY and it will require all of your PASSION! It is difficult not to follow a person with a dream; especially when that person is truly 'bought in' to their vision. A vision matched with PASSION is one thing that is hard to resist and hard to stop!


In every success equation, you will find some good old fashioned hard work. You have identified your goal/dream and you have a long list of powerful WHY's! You are passionately committed to the achievement of your goals and anyone who knows you know. All that's left is the doing. When you are dedicated to your dream, you are willing to put in the additional time, energy & effort to get things done and the funny thing is- it won't even seem like hard work when you are pursuing your dreams.

With a clearly defined dream, a long list of compelling reasons, a strong work ethic, and finally the determination of a kitten stuck in a tree - you will find what it takes to HANG IN THERE until your goals and dreams become a reality!

Cheri Perry 11/16/2020

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