How Lessons From a Massage Can Help Your Business!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

There are few things better than a great massage! This past week I was enjoying some amazing hands and we struck up a conversation that made me think of business- strange! Yes- right there in the middle of working the kinks out of the old body I found some great business tips. (Amazing what you find when you are looking)

TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT: Before our session began, my therapist asked me a series of questions that helped him identify what I needed. In our world, we have to begin with understanding where our businesses are coming from so we do not end up selling a PAY AS YOU system to a client who really needs a traditional terminal set up. That works for every business right? Making sure you are clear on the expectations your clients have of you will help you deliver the right product or service.

CHECK IN FROM TIME TO TIME: Once the magic had begun and my massage was underway, my therapist occasionally checked in- how's the pressure or does that feel better? I answered and imagine that my feedback helped him continue the massage in the way that would yield the best results for me. We check in with our merchants after they have been processing awhile just to be sure everything is going according to the plan. Checking in and encouraging feedback from your customers can help you deliver what they need and that additional communication can help you improve the overall experience.

GIVE ME MORE THAN I PAYED FOR: For my massage therapist friends I do not mean 'give me 2 hours for the price of 1'- although I could definitely use 2 hours!! During my massage session, I felt as if I was given a mini lesson on how my muscles worked and how the work being done was helping to relieve tension and increase blood flow. At TMC, we work diligently to educate our merchants on the process of credit card processing as well as the various elements of running any business. How can you deliver more than you are paid for? Finding interesting and fun ways to add value to your customers will definitely move you in the direction of increasing your bottom line.

TAKE CARE OF ME AFTER THE SALE: The massage was over (sooner than I wanted) and I was asked to meet the therapist at the front desk. When I arrived - he had a refreshing glass of water for me and advised me to stay hydrated since a great massage releases lots of toxins into the blood stream. He was making sure I was taken care of after his session was over. At TMC, we are always sending industry updates, new regulation information or just general business building tips to help our clients. We want them to know how much we value their decision to use our company and taking care of them after the initial sale is one of the ways we accomplish that task. You can do the same thing in your profession - just think of the activities or actions your clients are engaged in and see how you can help them after they have done business with you.

A great massage is an incredible blessing- much like strong business relationships! When you clearly communicate your needs, give feedback during the process, deliver more than expected and take care of your clients after the sale: you will be rewarded with repeat clients who share you with their friends!  (Now- time to schedule that next massage session!)

Cheri Perry 6/18/2017