Happy New Year

Friday, January 14, 2011

2 Weeks down just 50 more to go in 2011!  Smile

Welcome to the New Year (albeit a bit late) from your friends here at TMC!  Now that the holiday season is safely behind us and merchants everywhere have breathed a collective sigh of relief (decent 4th quarter showing & all)- it is time to set our sights on an incredible 2011.

Here are a few of the things we are focused on in this New Year:

PCI Compliance/Card Security: While card breaches were up in 2010, the actual number of cards that were compromised was lower than in 2009.  Making certain that all of our merchants have the necessary tools to insulate themselves from fraud and the fines associated with Non Compliance is a big focus for us again this year.  We will be making more tools and training available for our merchants so we can all work together to reduce fraud! 

Compliant Equipment:  It is important that we do what we can to protect cardholder data.  2010 saw lots of changes in compliance with equipment.  Our team will be working diligently to verify that your equipment is compliant- this includes pin pads, software and POS systems. 

Mobile Payments:  Lots of cool, high tech options are currently available to accept payments on the go!  We have been and will continue to stay on the leading edge (as compared to the bleeding edge) of mobile payments to assist our merchants in making card acceptance even easier.  iPhones, mobile devices and computer based programs are just a few of the ways we can help you go mobile in 2011- look for more updates!

Service: Service: Service:  Zig Ziglar once said that service is only important when you need it and that statement could never be more true than in our lovely industry.  We will continue to provide unparalleled service in this New Year so you have a trusted partner in the ever crazy world of merchant services!

Have a great New Year and check back frequently for useful tools and great tips on accepting plastic as a form of payment, increasing business and reducing expenses!


Sir Smiley- Out Cool


Sir Smiley 1/14/2011

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