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Monday, July 8, 2019


There is so much 'complicated'  talk about security, compliance and all of the things we need to do to keep our personal information safe that sometimes we just need a little reminder of the BASICS.

This week our team is reminding all of our merchants and future merchants Smile about the basics of Merchant Account Security.  Here are a few simple things that you and your team can do to keep your account secure!

Don't Give Out Personal / Sensitive Information

Unless you have a personal connection with someone trying to get information, it is best to keep your sensitive data locked down!  

  • Merchant ID information
  • Terminal Data
  • Checking Account information
  • Personal Data

Make sure that your staff knows that they should not divulge personal information. Many well meaning employees have inadvertently put businesses at risk by being 'talked into' giving out sensitive informaion.  Having policies in place can help your team make the right decisions!

Don't Allow Access To Your Processing Equipment

Several LARGE breaches have been caused by staff members allowing strangers to come into the workplace and alter the attachments to terminals.  No one should ever be allowed to tamper with your credit card processing equipment.  Any reprogramming, modifications or upgrades should be clearly planned out in advance so all team members are aware of the impending changes.  Be especially careful when working over the telephone and set clear policies with your team when it comes to equipment changes or modifications.

Password Please

We password protect our accounts at TMC.  Whenever we receive a call requesting that sensitive data be changed, we require that the account password be provided by the caller.  Knowing your password and what items might require a password will help you to manage your account more efficiently.


  • Transaction Assistance
  • Technical Support
  • Settlement Inquiries
  • PCI Compliance Assistance


  • Checking Account Changes
  • Address Changes
  • EMail Changes
  • Account Contact Changes

Keep Your Account Contact Information Up To Date

Whether it is an ownership change or account contact change, having the right people listed on your merchant account is very important.  Not keeping the account information up to date makes it difficult to secure your account. It might be helpful to have a list of things you need to update when you do have a change in staff.  

  • Change All Passwords
  • Change Computer Passwords
  • Alert Financial Institutions
  • Alert Merchant Services Providers 

Keeping things secure takes a bit of time but it is not rocket science.  Get back to the basics and be very stingy with your business and personal sensitive data.  It certainly does not hurt to be partnered with companies who help to keep your information SAFECool


Cheri Perry 7/8/2019

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