Find Your Niche'

Monday, January 6, 2014


It is impossible to be everything to everyone! Finding your unique niche' is incredibly important to the success of your company.


  • If your industry is anything like the Credit Card Processing industry; you have a TON of competition. Your potential clients are looking for your product and or service, delivered in a manner that appeals to their needs. For some, just picking a product off the shelf is AOK. For others, they want more of a personalized experience. In a crowded field of competitors, identifying the customers who want what you have, delivered in the manner that you deliver them, is mission critical.


  • In our hyper competitive industry, a majority of competitors are trying to be everything to everyone and as tempting as that is, finding our Unique Proposition has really helped us stay sharp and focused! Who are your customers and what do they love about your business? Why is your product or service different from your competitors and what sets you apart? Finding the answers to these questions will help you identify the areas where you need to focus so you can attract the kinds of customers that will appreciate your service.


  • Change seems to be the order of the day in most industries today so it is important to keep your product offerings fresh and relevant for your customers. Asking your current customer base about their usage of the products or services you provide, will give you the information you need to stay fresh. Staying in touch with industry events, periodicals and events will help you anticipate trends and provide your customers with excellent solutions for today and many tomorrows.


It seems that hard work is part of every success equation and identifying your niche' is no different! It will take your very best efforts to:

  • Separate Yourself From Your Competition
  • Identify Your Unique Product/Service
  • Stay Relevant & Keep Up With Industry Changes

That hard work will be a worthy investment of your time because when you find your niche', you can really excel in your industry!


Cheri Perry 1/6/2014

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