EMail Etiquette Basics

Sunday, October 7, 2012


What am I?

Your use me every day...

I can be very efficient or easily turned into a time sucker...

If screened properly I can provide valuable information...

Left unscreened I can make your life a spam filled mess...



Sometimes it pays to consider the basics of business communication. Most businesses use & rely on their email very heavily. However many business owners do not stop to think about the way that their email messages reflect on their businesses. Recently, I read an article from Constant Contact regarding the use of the Welcome Email and that link is listed below. Before we get to that specific message for your clients/customers, let's look at some basic email etiquette tips:

1- Use a Proper Format

All business emails should contain an Open, a Body & a Close. Even brief correspondence should have a nice form- it sends such a professional message. Short and abbreviated messages can often send unintended messages, so keep your professional edge by making certain you have an Open, a Body & a Close when you send your emails.

2- Get to the Point

We all receive a ton of messages daily and we never have enough time to read through as many as we receive! Do yourself and your recipients a favor and keep your messages short and to the point. Begin by adding a clear subject line. Your message (which has an Open, a Body & a Close of course), should be clear, concise and get to your point or request as quickly as possible.

3- Be Specific & Thorough

Making sure that your message contains specific details and includes thorough information will help the recipient take immediate action after receiving your message. In our office, we ask our team to make sure the message contains everything we need to resolve the reason for the email in the first place. By being both specific and thorough, we are able to use our email in the most effective way.

Using a proper format, getting to the point and being specific & thorough in our communications will ensure that our messages are received in the most professional way. We will also save time and help the recipients of our email messages as well. Please feel free to follow the link below to read a great article on how to send a proper Welcome EMail!

Cheri Perry 10/7/2012

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