Don’t let sales PASS YOU BY because you don’t have an online presence!

Monday, October 11, 2021

Having an online presence used to be “convenient,” but since the pandemic changed so much about the way we shop, an online presence is now critical if you want to be visible and accessible to your customers.


No business wants to be “left out in the cold” when it comes to providing service and products for their customers just because they don’t have an online presence!  Don’t be that business!


Envision this:

  • A quick and easy solution -
  • That’s up and running quickly -
  • With no monthly hosting fees -
  • And no enormous web builder fees -
  • Where you can add and remove items -
  • And your customers can place them in the shopping cart for easy purchase


  • Is a stand-alone product
  • OR can be included on an existing website
  • AND can be used to sell on social media


Does that sound like an attractive solution to conventional website development?


The benefits of having an online presence are immeasurable, especially today when so much of our business happens online. A quick, easy, and inexpensive solution could equate to more income and the chance to serve more customers.


Is it time you became visible without having to invest thousands of dollars to be seen? You can view a sample TMC Shop now Website HERE and then give us a call right away to determine if adding TMC Shop Now is a good option for your company – (Set up cost under $200)

Cheri Perry 10/11/2021