Decision: The First Step!

Monday, February 8, 2021

I was preparing our weekly postings for Facebook when I saw Pines Coffee's posting inviting anyone on a 'medium difficulty' hike.  It's a funny thing how making a conscious decision to do anything in any area of your life, generates opportunities!  I had just finished writing down some personal goals about taking care of my physical health- what a coincidence Cool

Making changes in any area of our personal or business lives always begins with that FIRST STEP.  Understanding the numbers in your business, breaking down the sales process, strengthening your team, or even getting healthy all have the same beginning process and that first step is a decision.

Deciding to go on the hike (the first step), meant that I had to prepare myself as much as possible by assembling the tools I would need for my adventure.  Directions, water, snacks, and good tennis shoes enabled me to set off on the hike as prepared as I could be.  Business goals and decisions require the same preparation. Taking the first step (the decision) allows us to begin assembling the tools and the team we need to take the next step and the step after that and so on.

Did I make it all the way to the finish line my first time out - NO!  I ended up letting my new friends go on ahead without me as I paused to catch my breath and reflect. Just like in business, our plans may not go exactly the way we want but taking the first step and going for the things we want to see happen both personally and professionally, puts us further down the path of realizing our goals!

My hike was a success!  That first step- literally and figuratively- allowed me to do what I needed to do in order to put myself in a place of growth.  On my hike, I met new people, challenged myself physically, and even got to the place where I was able to create another goal as a result of taking that first step.

As the second half of the year approaches, it seems like a great time to make some new decisions! Make that 'First Step' decision, assemble your tools, appreciate your forward progress, and set a new goal when you have gone as far as you can. In the end, you will find yourself getting more and more excited about all of the next 'First Steps' in your future personal and business succession plans!
Cheri Perry 2/8/2021

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