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Tuesday, February 11, 2020


At Total Merchant Concepts, we have the privilege of working with thousands of business owners across the country. The industries vary, the backgrounds of the owners vary and the credit card processing needs of the businesses we serve vary. But the need for GROWTH is the same for everyone. At TMC, we are committed to assisting the businesses we serve beyond their payment acceptance needs; we are committed to helping you GROW! 

To live in a country where we have the freedom to own and operate our business is truly a blessing. When we are thankful and GRATEFUL for not only living in America but all of the opportunities available for us to reach for our dreams, we attract the things we need to be a success. An attitude of gratitude is one of the best ways to ensure growth in your business.

We live in a world today where being able to trust and rely on people is not a sure thing. Being the company that not only promises but DELIVERS makes you reliable and it sets you apart from most of your competition. As the owner of the business you also have team members who are relying on you and in return, you rely on your team members to uphold their end of the partnership. Reliability is a strong factor in determining the growth of your business.

In order for our businesses to grow, our entire team has to have an ownership mindset. Tackling each task with personal responsibility is something that we need to teach and encourage with our team. If we do not step aside and let our team OWN their roles, we end up being bogged down by ownership rather than letting it transform our business! Instilling ownership at every level in your company will definitely help you grow.

It may seem like a no brainer- but in order to grow, we need to WIN. Many business owners do not take the time to celebrate the little wins along the way and that can really take a toll on your team and the bottom line. It is important to help your team win and win daily. Setting incremental goals and then celebrating the WINS with your team will set you up for the type of long term growth your company needs.

So many people give up just short of their goals and realize too late, that a little tenacity would have helped them hang on. Most endeavors worth the effort are going to require you to dig deep. Identifying your reason for being in business (or working for the company) will help you find more reasons to ‘stick it out’ when the going gets tough. Powerful motives will always help you tackle your work with Tenacity and that will lead to growth.

The life of a business owner is not easy and many times, personal health is sacrificed while building the business.   No amount of success or achievement can replace YOU. Your health and the overall health of your team will have a direct impact on the growth of your business. Taking the time to put your health first and inspiring your team to take care of themselves will help you achieve business growth AND be around to enjoy it!

GROWTH is important in every area of our lives and your business growth is a top concern for us here at TMC.  Working together to develop strong businesses is so much easier when we employ Gratitude, Responsibility, Ownership, Winning, Tenacity & Health.

Let’s GROW Together!
Cheri Perry 2/11/2020

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