Business As Usual: Dealing With the Unexpected

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Did you LAUGH when you read the title of the blog? Is there anything USUAL about being in business- not usually!

As a business owner, I LOVE it when things seem like they are going the way they should but I always need to be prepared for the unexpected. The same thing is true with your credit card processing.. Typically, your credit card processing system works the way it should and all systems are go. But when it doesn’t, it can make business life pretty hectic and worse, it can interrupt cash flow. Here are a few things you can do to prevent your system from going down and getting it back up and running, as quickly as possible, if it does:

#1- Keep your wires UNCROSSED!

Most of the connectivity issues we encounter with credit card terminals are somehow related to the way they are connected to either a standard phone line or the Internet. Keeping your phone lines and Internet cables clear and untangled can make identifying and repairing a challenge much easier. Complicated masses of wires, cables and phone lines make it easy to inadvertently disconnect your much needed credit card processing equipment.

#2- Keep your Processor’s Information Handy!

Since a challenge with a credit card terminal is pretty rare, the merchant processing contact information on the side of the terminal could be old, worn off or difficult to read. Make sure you keep your contact information in an easily accessible area (the cash drawer is a good place for example) as a back-up. Knowing where your processing contact information is, will help you get the challenge handled more quickly so you can get back to normal.

#3- Keep your Back Up Plan READY!

How will you handle it if the credit card machine you use in your location dies; for whatever reason? Making sure your team knows if you will continue to accept credit cards and HOW to do it is very important and waiting until there is a problem is much more stressful for both your staff and your valuable clients. If you will be using a voice authorization method (calling over the phone for verification), a hand imprinter or a back-up mobile device; be sure your team is trained beforehand.

Most things in the day to day working of a business go off without a hitch and it is ‘business as usual’ most of the time. Preparing your team for handling credit card transactions if your system goes down, is a great way to make sure that you can accept payments from your clients in every situation. If you need a back-up plan or help crafting one- your team here at TMC is ready with advice and emergency preparedness kits! We also have great tips for merchants using mobile devices and POS Systems.

Here’s to you and your business being able to deal efficiently with the unexpected.

Cheri Perry 3/12/2017