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Monday, September 26, 2016

When you are injured to the point of having to make a trip to the ER- things go pretty fast! Wouldn’t you like to know that the team taking care of you:

  • KNEW the plan of action?
  • Had all of the TOOLS they needed to patch you up?
  • Were well trained to deal with the UNEXPECTED?
  • CARED about the outcome & had the attitudes to prove it?

When we treat our businesses and our jobs like they are as important as a trip to the ER, we get the kind of life changing results EARNED by that urgent focus.  Our customers, clients & members want the same things we would want if we had to make that ER visit! 

  • They want to know that we know our ‘stuff’.
  • They want to know we are prepared with the right tools.
  • They want to know our staff is well trained to handle their needs.
  • They want to know that we can take care of the unexpected.
  • They want to know and feel our caring upbeat attitudes.

No one wants to have to visit the ER- but when that team of loving professionals gets the opportunity to be of service and they begin with their desired end result in mind- TAKING EXCEPTIONAL CARE of their injured patients- magic happens and lives are saved.

Making sure that your business is prepared to take great care of your clients by having the systems and processes in place to deliver an exceptional experience, empowers your company and your team to be a lifesaver of sorts!   You may not be fixing broken bones but you can have a positive impact in the lives of those you serve with that ER mindset!

Cheri Perry 9/26/2016

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