Blooming Where You Are Planted!

Monday, April 25, 2022


Over the years, I've been asked countless times why I am so passionate about credit card processing and my answer has always been the same; because I truly love what I do.  But after a recent eye-opening conversation with a member of my team, I was compelled to change my answer and write this blog on Blooming Where You Are Planted.

My employee was conflicted because I'm always saying that we need to 'love' what we do and guess what?  She does not love credit card processing. The more I thought about it, I realized that neither do I!  Now don't get me wrong, I do love elements of our business but my young team member opened my eyes to the fact that we do not necessarily need to love WHAT we do in order to make the decision to pour our lives into any career, in order to Bloom Where We Are Planted- we do need to do a little soul searching.

Loving the WHY

After my girl left the office, I gave her comments a lot of thought and really began to examine the passion I have for our business.  I realized that I was in love with WHY our company exists!  I despise the thought of business owners being ripped off by the scam artists in our industry. The thought of someone paying three and four times what a terminal is worth really gets me fired up!  Providing integrity-based solutions with a team of highly caring individuals is a rewarding experience. What we do is important but my WHY is where the passion comes from. So how about you- what is the WHY behind what you do for a living?  Consider the amazing story of Charles Clark!  (CLICK HERE FOR 2 MINUTES OF INSPIRATION!)

Loving the WHO

Our conversation made me think of not only the WHY of what we do here at TMC but also WHO we do it for.

  • We work for ourselves- to achieve a sense of purpose as well as to accomplish our goals and dreams.
  • We work for our families- to create the memories and the lifestyle we want to provide for those we love.
  • We work for our team- to fulfill a sense of belonging and contribution.
  • We work for our clients- to make sure they are getting the caliber of goods and services they deserve.

WHO are you working for and can you see how the WHO can add fire to your passions?


When I was younger, I wanted to be a lawyer, an actor, or an inspirational speaker. I never thought I would own a credit card processing company but that is where I ended up being planted.  After some introspection, I realize that while I do enjoy what I do, the processing itself is not what I love. I love the fact that we make a difference every day.  I love the fact that my company is one of a few integrity-based options where business owners can trust what they are being told and where my staff truly cares about the businesses we serve (so much so that they are not afraid to mention that they do not actually love credit card processing).  I love crafting my future and being a part of helping my team do the same. Yes- the WHY and the WHO have truly made my work experience joy- and I do get to do a little inspirational speaking!

I hope you will pause for a few moments today and identify the Why's and the Who's in your current career- and then get excited about Blooming Where You Are Planted!

Cheri Perry 4/25/2022