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Monday, June 24, 2013

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My friends tease me incessantly about my 'relationship' with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Even my son got in on the action when he purchased a life size, cardboard stand up of Mr. Johnson for my birthday. So what is it about "The Rock" that causes me to smile? Some think it is his mastery of his physical condition- nice- but no. Some think it is his charming can do attitude- close, but no. For me, it is watching someone make the most out of their gifts and their talents. It is being able to watch someone who is not afraid to look silly, be bold or go all out in the pursuit of their dreams. OK so he is not that tough to look at either, but the truth is that greatness leaves clues and we can all take a few lessons from "The People's Champion"- Dwayne Johnson. I ran across the following article in SUCCESS magazine on "The Rock's" approach to life and his versatility- it contains some amazing nuggets for all of us! Enjoy.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shares the secret of succeeding at something new- over and over again.

By: Mike Zimmerman

Basically, he was a jock. And that was it. Through high school and later at the University of Miami, Dwayne Johnson played football. Football was the goal. He pushed briefly into the pros with the Canadian Football League, until a knee injury put an end to his gridiron career. Out of football, Johnson certainly was not finished.

Family ties got him into pro wrestling, but it took more than connections to launch him to stardom as WWE’s “The Rock.” Still, Johnson wanted more.

He knew he was hard-working and eager to try new things. But, as he told me in an interview, he still wasn't sure how to pull off his reinvention, so he started with the tools he had.

“When I went to Hollywood, the only material I had was the material from wrestling. I didn't care about being the biggest, the strongest, the loudest wrestler. I wanted to be the most entertaining. I wasn't sure I had the skills. But that’s what I had, and that’s how I would convince executives- in very small increments And suddenly I’m getting ready to host Saturday Night Live. Then the Scorpion King to Walking Tall to Be Cool. Increments- you see? That’s the process, In time. Over time.”

Nothing about Johnson’s versatility plan was easy, of course. “My goal has always been a mindset of, “I’m gonna go out and work my ass off for dinner.” It’s that simple,” he told Men’s health Magazine. “Taking that mentality of growth, setting the goal, attaining the goal, setting another goal, failing, dealing with the failure, trying to remain focused.”

May pro wrestlers have become household names. But none have evolved into a multi-genre superstar like Johnson. His experience goes to show that the more talents you develop, the more you have to offer, the more you’ll achieve and the richer your life will become.

So you have a nagging desire, an unexplored passion? The question you have to ask yourself is: What talent and potential- and money of course- am I leaving on the table?

Cheri Perry 6/24/2013

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