Are You Ready For a BREAKTHROUGH in 2022?

Monday, December 27, 2021
Every year is a little different; unless it seems THE SAME!! As we race towards the finish line of 2021 and eagerly await the brand new year, I wonder if you’ve given any thought to how this New Year will be different? I’m not talking about vaccinations or supply chains- I am talking about YOU!
Are there some areas where you could use a BREAKTHROUGH in 2022? I know I have a few areas in my life where a breakthrough would be a welcomed visitor!
Here are a few areas where you might want to spend some time thinking about making a few adjustments:
TIME- We’ve all heard that time is our most precious commodity. How are you ‘spending’ your time? Are your precious minutes being spent on the things or with the people that make your heart sing? I sure hope so. It would be a shame to get to the end of our time and find that we spent too much of it doing things that did not amount to much! Perhaps your 2022 Breakthrough will be centered around being more thoughtful and intentional with the way you use your time.
MONEY- On the surface, it would seem that making MORE $$ would solve most of our life challenges. But since you may be working on how you spend your time (only so many hours in the day), you may want to invest a little focus time in the New Year in the way you manage the money you are currently earning. It sounds like FUN, I know- but think about this- if you were to get AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT at making the most of every dollar you make AND even manage to save or invest some here or there- wouldn’t that be a great breakthrough? Doing more with less is a great aspiration and one that comes with the side benefit of not having to work so many hours!
RELATIONSHIPS- Life is all about relationships and many of us have struggled at one point or another with developing, or caring for the people in our lives. What an incredible breakthrough for the upcoming New Year to really find unique and wonderful ways to treasure our true treasures- our people- our relationships.
Time, Money & Relationships- 3 great areas for our 2022 Breakthroughs!
In the New Year, your team at TMC will be providing great tools to help you strengthen both your business and personal lives. These three areas are great starting points to set the stage for not just ‘another’ year but for a year filled with intentional choices that lead us to the lives we truly want to live! Every year CAN be a little different and I hope you will join me as I work to make sure to do the MOST with the relationships, the money, and the precious time I have left!
Cheri Perry 12/27/2021