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Monday, August 10, 2015



In a commercial world increasingly dominated by e- EVERYTHING (email, emarketing, etc), event opportunities can provide face to face contact with existing clients as well as new prospects. No other promotional medium can deliver thousands of high quality sales opportunities in just a few days.  There are lots of benefits for attending trade shows, industry related events and educational workshops. 

Consider adding an ‘out of the office’ experience for you and your team! 
We’ve listed some of the major benefits below.

  • Sales – via a targeted audience of qualified buyers at specialized industry events who have come to see you.
  • The warmth of personal contact in face-to-face meetings.
  • Opportunities for your audience to see, touch, smell or try before buying.
  • A strong brand building environment via product demonstrations, seminars, conferences and sponsorship opportunities.
  • The chance to promote brand loyalty via technology displays, hospitality and networking events.
  • An ideal platform to launch new products and find sales agents or distributors in new markets.
  • The ability to check and evaluate competition.
  • Opportunities to expand education & knowledge.
  • Media interaction and press conferences.
  • Quality market research opportunities.
  • The chance to overcome objections to purchasing decisions.
  • Conferencing opportunities to learn more about future industry trends.
Cheri Perry 8/10/2015

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