An Attitude of Gratitude

Monday, November 2, 2015


When you travel abroad, it wakes you up to the many advantages we have here in the United States of America! I was thinking of a 9 day trip out of the country and was touched, once again, by the overwhelming gratitude and joy of the Fijian people! They sing, dance, smile and are always quick with a greeting (BULA!), no matter what they are doing. You would think that they were the richest people in the world; and when you visit their villages, you realize very quickly that their joyous spirit and gratitude comes from something other than their worldly possessions; because they have very little. What they do have, is the ability to see wealth and riches as they really are. The love of a family member, the grass between your toes, the sunshine to greet you each day and the simple gift of life.

In business, we tend to get bogged down in the every day details that make our businesses run. The economy, employees, products, marketing, competition and finances (just to name a few), can weigh heavily on the hearts of a busy business owner. It is easy to forget those things that we are so blessed with; loyal staff members, loyal customers, trusting business partners, capable vendors and the freedom to plot our own course here in our wonderful country.

This week marks the beginning of November- the month of GRATITUDE. I am encouraging your team to approach each day with a renewed sense of gratitude.  We'll be looking for the little things, the things we tend to take for granted! Won't you join us? Let's make this month one where gratitude reigns supreme, as we take the lessons from the Fijian people and add their wealth to our very abundant lifestyles!

Much love to you! BULA!

Cheri Perry 11/2/2015

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