Accepting PayPal Cards

Monday, December 2, 2013


The credit card processing industry is in a constant state of change.  Late last week, our processors announced the ability for our merchants to accept the PayPal card through the Discover network.  Most merchants will have this ability automatically while some merchants on specific networks (usually due to POS system types), will need to have some adjustments made to their set up in order to be able to accept the PayPal cards. 

  • It is important to note that a PayPal card MUST be physically present as key entered transactions are not available at this time. 
  • Since full card data is not currently listed on the PayPal cards, voice authorizations are not available at this time. 
  • All refunds should be handled in person with the physical card present.

While merchants are not required to accept PayPal cards, businesses can gain access to PayPal’s 55 million+ active customer base in the U.S. With the PayPal payment card, consumers can enjoy the same benefits at the point-of-sale. Giving customers their choice of payment will provide the best customer payment experience and has the best potential to create loyal customers and higher sales for you as the merchant.

Call our office if you have any questions related to accepting PayPal cards. 1-888-249-9919


Cheri Perry 12/2/2013

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