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Monday, April 25, 2016


For nearly 10 years, I have been having the same wonderful woman take care of my toes!  The time I spend with Jenny always reminds me of why LOVING what you do for work is so very important!  She always has a smile and she always makes me feel as if my toes are the most important (and most beautiful Cool) that she will work on that day.  She is an artist and has bedazzled my toes with flowers, snowflakes, hearts and Seahawks- just to name a few.  But she did something last week that reminded me of another important element of delivering Above & Beyond service- SHE TOLD ME NO! 

As I sat in the chair- a bit stunned by her insistence, I realized that part of delivering an exceptional service experience is stepping in and guiding your clients in the way they should go and in some cases, that might mean saying no.  

A service or sales person's REAL job is to provide the products and services that their clients NEED & WANT.  If you know, based on your expertise, that a request made by your valued client is not in their best interest then delivering Above & Beyond service is definitely letting them know.  In today's marketplace, we see so many "sales people" selling things we do not need or just selling us what we ask for, that when you have someone who sells with Integrity- it can be a little surprising.

I was surprised when Jenny told me NO- my request?  Sparkles!  I love sparkly toes- but Jenny asserted herself and felt very strongly about the fact that my toes- with her gorgeous springtime flowers would simply be better without sparkles and SHE WAS RIGHT!  I love working with people who LOVE what they do and I truly appreciate when someone shoots me straight and tells me what I need to know!  Your customers are probably the same!  Remember that sometimes the best thing you can do for your customers is to tell them no! 

Cheri Perry 4/25/2016

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