A Quick Conversation on Texting

Sunday, July 16, 2017


It was not so many years ago that TEXTING was- well a little weird! Today, it feels like a major way to communicate.
Even the credit card processing industry has been deeply impacted by texting. You can DONATE via text, MAKE a PAYMENT via text, get CONFIRMATION of payment via text and keep track of your spending via MESSAGE ALERTS using text messaging.
While many of us know some COMMON texting acronyms (LOL, ROTFL) I thought we would have some fun today looking at some lesser known symbols and acronyms that might relate to our businesses!
  • Productivity is very important in your business so if you happen to see o-&-< on your team member’s cell phone- BEWARE! It means Doing Nothing! Yes- there are ways to communicate that you are doing nothing- without it looking like you are actually doing nothing! CRAZY how cryptic this texting thing can be!

  • We’ve all been to the BYOB parties but what do you make of BYOW? Well for you technical experts out there you know that Building Your Own Website is not a short or abbreviated process but typing BYOW sure can make it seem a little easier!

  • Timeliness in the workplace is critically important so if your phone lights up with DNBL8- there is a good chance that a thoughtful coworker or concerned boss is trying to send you a message that could help you keep your job! Do Not Be Late is always good advice.

  • Let’s say you are trying to figure out your monthly merchant statement? If you are with TMC it’s as E123- which stands for Easy as 1, 2, 3. Or you might have a VSF while trying to figure out some of the more difficult statements out there. (Very Sad Face)

  • If you get someone on the phone trying to sell you something you don’t need they might be JAS (Just a sales person). On the other hand, if you get someone who is really working to take care of you and your business you were probably referred by a FOAF (Friend Of A Friend).

  • New technology and all its many acronyms and variations can be both FUN and FOGGY! As business owners, we can keep pace with the changing times by making sure we have a USP: Unique Selling Proposition and by remembering to always UPOD: Under Promise & Over Deliver.

Have some fun with the changing technologies. In our industry, we have been able to assist merchants in streamlining payments and we’ve been able to have more fun educating and entertaining both our clients and prospects. The same opportunities exist in most businesses- you just have to embrace change and make the ‘newer stuff’ work for you! 

(Oh- and if you need some help, you can find lots of acronyms by getting a TEXTING DICTIONARY!!) CLICK HERE FOR THE TEXTING DICTIONARY OF ACRONYMS
Cheri Perry 7/16/2017

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