A Few Words on Valentine's Day

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Well today is the day for LOVE!  Smile Sir Smiley here to wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day from all your friends at Total Merchant Concepts! 

Today, Valentine's Day is one of the major holidays in the United States and it is a booming commercial success.  According to the American Greeting Card Association, 25% of all cards sent will be Valentines; most of the cards displaying hearts to signify love.  Electronic greetings are also becoming more and more prevalent so don't miss the opportunity to email, text or IM that special person! 

Men will spend an average of A$125 on their Valentine and women will spend an average of $75.  Surprisingly, the average person will spend $6 on their pet and $3 on their coworkers!  Moms will spend hours assisting their children with Valentines and grade school & middle school teachers will spend time and money helping their students make Valentines for their classmates & their Moms.  I was admiring my bosses collection of Valentines from her son- one of coolest ones was a flower pot that Tyler painted for her- he must have been very young because he accidentally painted MOM upside down so it says WOW- Cheri tells me it is her favorite!

 Guys seem to have the toughest time on Valentine's Day- having to figure out just the right thing to let that special someone know how they feel- so I feel obligated to help: here is my advice:  Go for a hand written note, a single flower and by all means- include some chocolate.  I've been told the ladies love this combo! Cool

From a 'business' standpoint let me say that most businesses have figured out how to tap into the Valentine's Day spirit.  You can get a heart shaped pizza, have your oil changed while sipping on a love infused coffee and heart shaped donut, get a 'lover's discount' on a massage for two and I've even heard of a company throwing in a dozen red roses with the purchase of a hot tub!  Well- we have no Valentine's Day promotions going on here at Total Merchant Concepts  but we do LOVE our Staff, our Referral Partners and the Merchants who trust us to take care of their processing needs! 

So have fun today and take an extra moment to truly LOVE and appreciate your world & the special people in your life!   
Sir Smiley- OUT! Smile


Sir Smiley 2/13/2011

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