5 Things to Avoid When Setting Up A Merchant Account

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Learning what 'TO DO' when opening a merchant account is valuable information.  Thank you to all of the people who shared their feedback on the article a few days ago.

Now- on to the TOP 5 THINGS NOT TO DO when opening a merchant account.  It may seem like common sense but let's get serious- we are all busy!  Sometimes we choose to believe those smooth talking sales people and many times, we were right to believe.  But there are times when we find out that we should have listened to that still, small voice that warned us to be careful.  Click on the link above and make sure you and those people you care about are taking the right steps and avoiding the pitfalls of opening a new merchant account. 

If you need help or advice- just call our trusted team- we will be here when you need us!  Cheri & the TMC Team

Cheri Perry 3/23/2011

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