5 Attributes of a GREAT Credit Card Processor that Business Owners need to know!

Monday, May 16, 2022
Are you tired of hearing lofty promises and getting bargain basement service? Business owners have a lot to deal with, so here are a few tips to make the process of choosing a Credit Card Processor easier.
  • Integrity: A processor with integrity will guide you to the RIGHT processing solution regardless of their financial gain. As your business grows, your needs as a business owner will change, so being able to count on integrity-based information is very important. 
  • Knowledge/Expertise: With the complex pricing structure and the various ways to accept credit cards, having a trusted professional who educates you and keeps up with the ever-changing world of credit card processing is also important.
  • Exceptional Service: Most of the time, credit card processing equipment works fairly seamlessly, but when a business owner has a challenge or a service need, they have to be able to count on the promises of excellent service. Here’s where you need a company that not only promises excellent service but delivers that high standard of service when it’s needed. Check references and consider how you heard about the company; in most cases, a strong referral means exceptional service.
  • Competitive Rates: Your selected processor should be providing you with competitive rates and transparency in the fee structure. All business owners are in business to make a profit, but a worthy processor will provide you with rates that are competitive.
  • Partnership Mentality: A TRUE salesman is a professional who truly cares about the people they serve. A Partnership Mentality with your processor will ensure that you get the very best combination of both pricing and service! 
When you know the basics of the credit card processing industry and align yourself with a strong partner, you bypass all of the pitfalls and negative issues associated with credit card processing. You are free to focus on the things that will truly make your business grow.

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Cheri Perry 5/16/2022