Covid 19 - We’re Here to Help

We Are here to Help
We sincerely hope that you, your teams and your family members are safe and secure. We understand that your business may be negatively impacted by COVID-19 and we want you to know that we’re here to help keep your business going and growing during this unprecedented time in America. We have listed some solutions and resources below.
How TMC can help:
Need to talk to someone? Please feel free to call us @ 888-249-9919 and speak to a business consultant if you need to brainstorm! We have seen LOTS of imagination and ingenuity in many different industries!


Whether delivery or curbside pick-up, mobile payment acceptance, online order ahead and delivery solutions are available to help you go mobile. Give our team a call @ 888-249-9919 and we can go over these solutions with you.

What is the best Mobile option for me?

  • Wireless Credit Card Machine- If you are processing an abundance of cards in a mobile environment, a mobile all in one terminal may be your best option. Wireless terminals have the ability to process credit cards without using smart phones and tablets- many business owners like this option because it separates their handheld devices from their customers.
  • Laptop Computer- This is a great option if you have wireless capability. Online secure payment gateways have so many enhanced options. You can process credit cards securely, capture important data, generate critical reports and send out emailed receipts. Laptops can be outfitted with card readers or transactions can be key entered.
  • Tablet- Tablets can be used with online gateways or with ancillary devices. You may want to consider the expense of the tablet and whether you want your customers touching and holding your tablet. There are some stands available that can make this a more sturdy option.
  • Smart Phone- If you are a mobile merchant and would like to be paid in the field- using your smart phone can be a very viable option. You can use your smart phone by itself in conjunction with an online payment gateway-eliminating the need for any extra devices. 
If you don't have an online presence, now is the perfect time to get one. There are a wide variety of quick, easy and affordable solutions in the market. We also provide seamless connectivity to a variety of check-out solutions through Auth.Net. With Auth.Net you also have the ability to quickly and easily digitize your invoicing; minimizing physical contact, saving time and money and getting paid faster.
We remain committed to you and providing you with the support you need to navigate through this potentially difficult time. Should you have questions about any of the solutions or options mentioned, please contact your TMC support team.
Click on your state below for more information and resources for plans on reopening your business in your state. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your TMC support team or call us @ 888-249-9919 and speak to a business consultant.